HF Goes to Chiapas

Humanity First- Texas would like to sincerely thank you for visiting our fundraising page and showing interest in our cause. We know that this organization's success is driven by support from our community, friends, and family, and we are thrilled to be able to share this project with you all in our ongoing endeavor to serve communities around the world!

As part of the Gift of Health Campaign, Humanity First - Texas Chapter will be going on it's first ever medical relief + community building trip abroad to Chiapas, Mexico, where Humanity First USA is operating a Maternal/Pediatric Clinic, as well as working on constructing a community center for the local indigenous population.

Humanity First - Texas is honored to undertake this initiative and represent our community and University when serving those who need our help the most, but we need YOUR help. In order to provide adequate supplies, medicine, and resources for the women and children we'll be assisting, we will need to raise $25,000.

A few things we plan to provide as the Gift of Health projects have done in the past:

1. FREE education on vital topics like Women's Nutrition, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Cervical cancer/Breast cancer, and more

2. FREE cervical cancer screenings and pelvic exams

3. FREE treatment for common vaginal infections and STI's

4. FREE general medications like pain pills, supplements, and contraceptive/hormonal regulative medications as needed

5. FREE advice and consultations with nurses and local doctors

6. FREE blood pressure check

Here are some examples from our medication and supply list that your donation would cover and impact:

$40 buys azithromycin, treatment for chlamydia for 75 women (about $0.50 per woman).

$55 buys enough iodine to check for suspicious cervical cells for over a hundred women (~$0.55 per woman)

$65 dollars buys enough speculums for over 100 women's exams (~$0.65 per woman)

$100 buys 100 women one treatment for candidiasis ($1 per woman)

$130 buy calcium supplements for 2 months for 16 women who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

The list goes on with more antibiotics, pain relievers, supplies, and camp logistic needs but every dollar directly makes a great impact!

These women and children are the future of their country and communities, and with some basic assistance, which we take for granted living here, we can help preserve that future and give the gift of hope and health.