Humanity First - Texas Chapter By-Laws


Section 1:

The name of this organization shall be, “Humanity First – Texas Chapter”. This organization shall be based in the Greater Austin area. The expansion of this organization shall be at the discretion of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE II - Objects and Vision

Section 1:

The objects of this organization shall be:

    I. Relieve suffering caused by natural disasters and human conflict.

    II. Strengthen people’s capacity to help themselves.

    III. Work with other on and off-campus entities and organizations to collaborate with their humanitarian causes.

    IV. Provide a platform for external non-Humanity First related objectives brought forth by individuals and other organizations.

    V. To increase our service potential.

    VI. To work towards a greater public recognition of the organization.

    VII. To develop, by precept and example, an intelligent and serviceable citizenship.

    VIII.To provide a practical means to render altruistic service and to build better communities.

    IX. To promote humanitarian education and awareness amongst the greater community.

    X. To provide services to the less fortunate and those in need.

Section 2:

The vision of this organization shall be “To relieve suffering caused by natural disasters and human conflict, promote peace and understanding, and strengthen people’s capacity to help themselves.”

Section 3:

The mission of this organization shall be “To serve disaster-struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the poorer communities of the world.”


Section 1:

The motto of this organization shall be “Putting Humanity First,” in addition to the international Humanity First organization motto of “Serving Mankind.”

ARTICLE IV - Membership

Section 1:

Membership of this organization shall be in accordance with the following:

    I. Any student who is officially enrolled for at least part-time status at an accredited college or university (within the Greater Austin area) may be granted active membership in said organization.

    II. Active membership shall be granted upon payment of membership dues specified in Article X.

    III. Student must be in good standing in accordance with their respective college or university’s standards.

    IV. There shall be no discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, political affiliation, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, marital status, disability or religious affiliation within this organization.

    V. Any individual not affiliated with that which is specified in Clause I of this section will be limited to an associate role:

        An associate shall be defined by an individual interested in taking part in organizational activities but being limited by their affiliation specified in Clause I of this section. Any associate individual may be an active member of the national Humanity First organization but will be restricted from registered membership of the Greater Austin area chapter.

Section 2:

Hazing in any form is strictly prohibited. Hazing is considered an interference with personal liberty, and includes, any act of domination by any student over others which may lead to physical or emotional injury and discomfort. Hazing involving forced consumption of alcohol or drugs for the purpose of initiation or affiliation with any organization is specifically prohibited.

ARTICLE V - Executive Board Positions

Section 1:

Executive Director:

  • Main representative of the organization to any entities outside  of Humanity First-Texas Chapter.
  • Maintaining good relations with any other organization/entity.
  • Maintaining active communication with Humanity First-USA.
  • Ensuring the organization is reputable on and off-campus.
  • Working in tandem with the Administrative Director for oversight  of organizational functionality and efficacy.
  • Ensuring a progress report is sent to Humanity First-USA  monthly, semesterly, and annually.

Administrative Director:

  • Taking meeting minutes and sending to the Executive Board in a  timely fashion.
  • Assigning tasks to the Executive Board and ensuring transparency  within Humanity First-Texas Chapter.
  • Responsible for room reservations, outdoor space, and banner  space in a timely manner.

Fundraising Director:

  • Ensuring that the organization is raising funds in the local  community through fundraisers and individual & group sponsors.
  • Maintaining a list of donors, both individuals and businesses.
  • Ensuring that a minimum fundraising balance is maintained each  semester as decided upon by the Executive Board at the beginning of each  academic year.

Auditing Director:

  • Ensuring that all projects and events proposed by the Executive  Board are financially feasible in accordance with the organization’s financial  balance.
  • Creating budgets for each event/project as well as issuing  reimbursements to members and associates in a timely manner.
  • Updating the Executive Board at each meeting with report of  organization’s financial standing.
  • Performing an audit of organizational expenses for the academic  year to Humanity First-USA.
  • Ensuring that finances are collected and reported with respect  to Humanity First standards.

Digital Marketing Director:

  • Updating social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.),  website, digital advertising, and marketing.
  • Staying up to date with social media outlets and ensuring  maximum organizational presence.
  • Creating monthly newsletters and designing flyers and  promotional materials.

Public Relations Director:

  • Maintaining contacts with other on and off-campus organizations.
  • Promoting events on-campus and in the community.
  • Coordinating physical publicity through flyer  distributions/tabling, school orientations, and student organization fairs.
  • Point of contact for media outlets.
  • Maintaining an active list of media contacts in the community.

Local Events Director:

  • Organizing events in the Greater Austin area; primarily around  the University of Texas at Austin.
  • Collaborating with other organizations or entities in the  Greater Austin area on local projects or events.
  • Finding opportunities for Humanity First to get involved in the  local community.

National Programs Director:

  • Ensuring that at least once a semester Humanity First —Texas  Chapter does some sort of project that benefits an international or national  Humanity First campaign such as but not exclusive to: Water for Life, Gift of  Sight, etc.
  • Keeping up to date with national and international Humanity  First campaigns.
  • Coordinates opportunities for students to travel with Humanity  First-USA for humanitarian and medical relief trips.

Section 2:

The elected Executive Board of this organization shall be an Executive Director, Administrative Director, Fundraising Director, Auditing Director, Digital Marketing Director, Public Relations Director, Local Events Coordinator, National Programs Coordinator, and Membership Relations Coordinator. The Executive Board shall be active members in good standing with this organization. They shall serve for one (1) year, or until qualified successors are elected.

Section 3:

Any member may recommend the removal of an officer to the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall hold a meeting at which the plaintiff with the stated grievance and the officer in question shall be heard. The Executive Board will then present their findings to the organization at which time a vote by two-third’s of the Executive Board is required to remove the officer in question. In the event any officer should be removed from office, the officer shall be notified in writing by the Executive Director.

Section 4:

Quorum shall be defined for the organization as one-third of the membership.

Section 5:

In the event of a vacancy of the office of Executive Director, the Administrative Director shall succeed to the office. Upon this, the Executive Board will conduct internal nominations to fulfill the role of the Administrative Director. In the event of a vacancy in any other office, the Executive Board must accept nominations from the membership before the next general body meeting. The vacant office must be filled prior to the next general body meeting by interview and appointment by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE VI - New Executive Board

Section 1:

The Executive Board of this organization shall consist of the elected officers and, if applicable, the immediate past Executive Director. The past Executive Director shall be a nonvoting, Ex-Officio member of the Executive Board.

Section 2:

The Executive Board shall approve the budget, approve all initiatives, take counsel with committees, discipline members, review and report the performance of the officers to Humanity First-USA, set membership requirements, and perform such other duties as shall be referred to it by the organization, in compliance with these By-Laws and the requirements of Humanity First – USA.

Section 3:

The Executive Board shall meet at least once every week during the academic year, and at least once during the summer term, and at such other times as the Executive Director, or a majority of the Executive Board, deem necessary.

ARTICLE VII - Election of Executive Board

Section 1:

Election of the Executive Board shall be held at a regularly scheduled meetings at least four (4) weeks prior to end of the academic year. All officers shall assume their official duties following the transitional meeting with the former Executive Board. The transitional meeting shall be held the week of elections, in place of the weekly Executive Board meeting.

Section 2:

Any member as defined by Article IV is eligible for election and reelection to the Executive Board.

Section 3:

Officers shall be nominated by any member of the organization at least one week prior to the election date.

Section 4:

Election of officers shall be conducted by ballot. A member shall be voted in when a simple majority of quorum is obtained.

Section 5:

Elections can only be administered upon reaching quorum.

Section 6:

In the event of a tie for any of the offices, the remaining candidates will be removed from the ballot and the two candidates shall be voted on until there is no longer a tie.

In the event that only two candidates are running for an office and the vote results in a then each candidate will be given one and a half (1.5) minutes to speak to the membership and another vote will be taken. In the event of another tie, the Executive Director shall cast a tie breaking vote.

ARTICLE VIII - Organization Meetings

Section 1:

During the academic year, the organization shall hold one monthly general body meeting at the Board’s discretion.

ARTICLE IX - Committees

Section 1:

The Executive Board shall appoint members to the following standing committees:

    a. Media-Public Relations

    b. Projects and Events

Section 2:

The duties of the standing committees shall be as follows:

    a. The Media-Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for informing the campus and local community of Humanity First’s activities and goals through various forms of communications.

    b. The Projects and Events Committee shall plan activities that will promote fellowship and create new opportunities for community engagement within and throughout the entire organization.

Section 3:

The aforementioned committees need not be active for the functioning of the organization as a whole, but they may be used at the discretion of the Executive Board. The Executive Director has the right to form any special committee deemed necessary for normal organization function.

ARTICLE X - Fees and Dues

Section 1:

The per-member annual fee shall be $15. Members will not be considered active until dues are collected.

Section 2:

Extraneous fees are to be determined by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE XI - Amendments

Section 1:

Proposed amendments to this constitution may be formulated by any active member in good standing with the general organization.

Section 2:

Amendments to these By-Laws shall be adopted by two-thirds of quorum at any regular meeting. Amendments must be submitted to the Executive Board at least two weeks prior to when a vote shall take place. For an amendment to be considered for ratification it must be sponsored by one-third of the Executive Board and/or 20% of registered members.

These By-Laws were adopted and approved on:

April 26, 2015

Organization Framers’ Signatures:

Syed Zeerak Abbas Abdi

Usman Ahmad Dar

Altamshali Hirani

Usama Malik

Nazifa Z. Mim

Safa Mohammed

Khadija Saifullah

Salman Sohail Syed