Irene Ameena - President

Hi everyone! I’m Irene and I’m a senior from Allen, TX, majoring in Human Dimensions of Organizations and Plan II Honors. I’m passionate about pursuing civil rights or human rights law in the future and especially interested in change in the criminal punishment system, educational justice, and ethical service. I love community service and am eager to explore how it can be an avenue for tremendous change and how it can move towards a more ethical, less paternalistic framework. I love reading, writing, baking, Tiktok, and pretty sunsets. I have been involved in HF for many years and especially love the UT chapter because of how genuinely open and caring our group is about service. I am so honored to be President this year.

Insiyah Sulemanji - Vice President

Hii! 🙂 I’m Insiyah! I’m a super senior chemical engineering student from Katy, TX. I have been involved with HF since I was a freshman and have always loved how everyone in this org is so personable and inclusive. It’s also so inspiring to see people with various backgrounds coming together to ethically serve not only our local community but also internationally! Apart from HF, I love exploring different cultures through traveling, devouring ice cream, and snoozing my alarm as many times possible. Can’t wait to meet you guys!

Amulya Cherian - Internal Service Director

Hello! My name is Amulya and I am a sophomore from Allen, TX majoring in neuroscience. I loved serving on the Service Committee for Humanity First as a freshman so I am honored to serve y’all as the internal service director this year! This year, I hope to diversify our volunteer commitments by introducing more variety into the volunteer work that we do. Don’t worry – HF isn’t my only personality trait. I also enjoy eating cheese, spending time in the outdoors, and watching commentary videos about the downfall of influencers.

Sarang Garg - Fundraising Director

Hi everyone, my name is Sarang. I’m a junior who is double-majoring in Economics and Finance. I am an international student from India and the Fundraising Director at Humanity First (That’s right, I will be the one taking your money.). I have been part of HF since I was a freshman and have always loved how close-knit and chill this org is. I strongly believe that knowledge without action is meaningless, and I see service as a way of using my knowledge to create a positive difference in the community. Apart from HF, I am someone who loves watching Anime, playing tennis, and solving the Rubik’s cube (I can solve it in less than a minute #flex).

Pooja Kumar - Marketing Director

Hello! My name is Pooja and I’m a senior from Plano, TX majoring in biochemistry. I’m so excited to be the Marketing Director for HF this year! Out of the countless service orgs on campus, I chose HF because of how accessible it is. I never felt like I had to jump through hoops to be able to serve! I also really value how HF has an ongoing commitment to serving ethically and prioritizing the needs of the communities that we help. Talk to me about indie pop, Arrested Development, or the best food trucks in Austin!

Harsh Madaik - Public Relations Director

Hey everyone, my name is Harsh Madaik and I am a junior from Plano, TX majoring in biology. I have enjoyed being a part of HF since my freshman year because of the variety of events and friendly people, and I am really looking forward to serving as PR Director for this year. I hope to continue to increase our outreach and information about our events throughout the year. Outside of HF, you can catch me lifting heavy things and putting them back down or competitive gaming.

Rahul Pentaparthi - External Service Director

Hey everybody! I’m Rahul, and I will be serving as the external service director for this year. I’m a senior majoring in biochemistry. I live in Plano, TX, but I’ve lived in India and throughout the Midwest. I’ve been part of HF for two years now and have loved serving the Austin community and getting to know our members along the way. Whether we’re teaching fifth graders, making care packages, or playing Mafia, there’s never a dull moment with our personalities. When I’m not with HF, you can find me shooting hoops, tutoring at Sanger, or waiting in line at Cabo Bob’s Burritos.

Asiyah Saeed - Membership Director

Hi y’all! I’m Asiyah, your new membership director for HF this year! I’m a senior health and society major and classical studies minor from Frisco, TX. I’ve been a part of HF since my freshman year and I’m so excited to be on the exec committee to give back to this org! I have tons of ideas for us to have a great time (even on zoom rip) and I can’t wait for you guys to get to know all each other better. One of the main things that stood out to me about HF was the community, which is full of diverse, kind, and incredibly fun people! As membership director, I can proudly say I’m obsessed with planning fun socials and hijinks and I hope you will reach out to me – I love meeting new people! My interests include video games, art, anime, and cartoons.