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Serving Mankind at the University of Texas at Austin

Est. 2015

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Through a diversity of events and a mutual love for serving humanity, we help prepare and groom the leaders of tomorrow.

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Promoting friendship among a diverse group for the purpose of serving mankind and spreading unconditional love by actions are main focuses.

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Humanity First - Texas Chapter

Est. 2015


More than helping others better themselves, we seek to nurture and bring together members driven by a united passion to serve mankind. These social bonds are fundamental to our success in giving back to the community.


Our organization serves communities afflicted by natural disasters and inherent poverty, both locally and abroad. In collaboration with our parent organization, as well as other humanitarian organizations, we are able to serve individuals and communities, globally and locally.


The aim of our service is to equip people and communities with the tools to become self-sufficient. With our services, we hope to provide those in need with the materials and support necessary for them to be able to get back on their feet.


We are a diverse, open-minded group of individuals willing to help anyone in need, regardless of creed, beliefs, orientation, or any other difference. With this in mind, we hope to serve an example as an organization and inspire our peers to effectively serve mankind.

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